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Craig Shore

Innovator. Inventor. Entrepreneur. Craig has founded or cofounded multiple startups and developed products in a broad range of areas for over 20 years turning technologies into products and products into markets.


His experience spans fields from biobased products to multifunctional composites, production equipment and control system to sound and vibration isolation systems. He develops products and the means to create them with the end user in mind, using an open innovation approach to bridge the chasm between R&D and production.   

In 2001, he founded Creative Composites to focus on biocomposite research, development and manufacturing. The company developed numerous products, including variable density composites and biobased lubricants. The variable density composite became the core technology in a high performance acoustic door. The biobased lubricants were spun into a new company and are now manufactured and sold to railroads around the world.

In late 2016 Craig founded Perihelion Solutions. As an Innovation Intermediary his goal is to help connect companies with technologies and services that will help them take advantage of emerging technologies or create some of their own.

Craig lives with his wife and son in Grinnell, Iowa.


Craig is listed as an inventor on many issued patents, as well as several pending patents. Learn about the issued patents in Google Patents by clicking below:

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