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Our Process

There are many parts to any system and more than one way to solve every problem. One of the goals of the open development is to look outside your own environment for alternative approaches. This wider search is to find technologies from other fields that could solve a need you have or open doors you may not otherwise open. One challenge is when companies look to explore what others have they risk cross contamination of intellectual property. In order to see if there is interest or potential for collaboration, it is necessary to shared knowledge that is considered sensitive.


This is where Perihelion Solution can help. We can serve as a technology buffer, with enough knowledge of needs and services on both sides to determine where partnerships can be beneficial, providing a needs-solutions pairing service.

Starting point: Where you are. What you need.


The process starts with a need or desired solution statement provided by the customer. It  includes enough data to provide an overview of the technology. In the case of a patented product, the patent and any area of use limitations would be a place to start. If there is no patent, a basic description of the need or solution would be created. The goal is to provide a high level of detail but not disclose anything confidential, establishing the boundaries of what you are willing to have disclosed. This also serves as a time stamp of where the technology is when the process begins.

Make the right connections.


This information is then used to identify possible pairs. Using our knowledge and contacts, we will research and explore possible pairings across a variety of fields and provide consultation on potential paths to reach your stated goal. We’ll assist in navigating pairings while maintaining confidentiality until it is determined that the solution will be a good fit for both sides.

Find the right solution.


A fundamental change has been occurring for many years. The focus is no longer on product, but on capacity and process. New technology means there is no or little tooling required. Parts have a much faster design to production time and changes have no or little impact.  

Support your development team.


Perihelion Solutions can also provide product development services. We can assist by combining resources needed for customers beyond what they are able to support on their own. In addition, we can help identify new applications for technologies to expand sales.

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