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Our Work

Prototype Development


Perihelion Solutions can provide everything from proof of concept models to full manufacturing prototypes.

Noise and Vibration


Many technologies over the years have been centered around reducing noise and vibration. The products have ranged from acoustic doors and office partition panels to tractor hoods and suspension systems. 

Adaptive Control Systems


Perihelion Solutions has developed adaptive control systems for process control, fluid flow, and vibration isolation. 

Process and Equipment


When taking materials in new directions there is rarely an off the shelf solution that fits. Solutions can include custom equipment or modification of existing machines. We've done this with compounding, blending, and molding equipment., incorporating test processes for incoming and outgoing product 



Multiple biocomposite products have gone from concept to production over the last 20 years, pushing the field into new markets.  

Multifunction Composites


Multifunctional composites add enhanced properties such as noise and vibration reduction or lubrication properties. 

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