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Our Process

We use iterative client engagement to build an understanding of the required design intent. Our iterative design methodology is based upon a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process. We assess and test design iterations to help optimize and refine features and performance. This process is repeated until the end goals have been met. 


The end user is the center of our design process. This promotes deeper exploration of the design process including:

  • Successive iterations advance the development process quickly 

  • Enables deeper understanding of the product needs

  • Allows broader analysis of outcomes

  • Fosters sharing and collaboration with customer

Start with a deep dive.

Our “user-centric design” allows us and our clients to understand the project from different perspectives. We strive to understand current and future states for a new product/process concept. This approach often uncovers much more than a technology-centric approach and simplifies the process for creating real world solutions.

Make the right connections.

Our design process allows us to identify who and/or what might be the right partners (e.g., tech vendors/integrators) for developing a solution. We do not sell products, only services. This allows us to keep the user at the center of the design process.

Find the best solution.

We work with your innovation team and development partners to create and deploy right-sized solutions. We function as a third party keeping the design centered in the process to reduce bias that often creeps into innovation projects.

Support your development team.

If requested, we can assist in your launch and scale-up and continue to support your overall deployment to refine it as potential issues arise.

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